Overlook Colony

Claymont, Delaware – 36 Townhomes


Claymont, Delaware
Renovation & Rehabilitation
36 Townhomes

This project involved the complete renovation and rehabilitation of 36 two-story townhomes. The buildings were built in the early 1900’s as part of workforce housing for the General Chemical Company. They were deemed historic properties and as such we had the directive to follow preservation guidelines for architectural details and finishes. Adding a two story addition to the rear of the units maintained the historic integrity of the buildings while expanding the living space of these affordable housing units. Renovation included the development offices, laundry room and community room. This project was complete in early 2004.

Project Team

Developer: The Ingerman Group

About the Developer:

Founded by M. Brad Ingerman in 1988, Ingerman is a leading developer, builder, and manager of award-winning multifamily communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Since its inception, the company has been responsible for the development of more than 100 projects representing 8,400 units with total development costs exceeding $1.4 billion. Ingerman was founded on a guiding principal: to bring together a highly talented and motivated group of real estate professionals to create lasting, quality residential communities that are strategically financed and managed through persistent attention to detail. Today, that mission continues to drive our unwavering focus on delivering high-quality housing and superior services to all our stakeholders — investors, community partners, and residents.